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Now, I want you to tease your balls with your other hand. Don’t spank or hit them…just gently massage your balls...hen I say, ‘Spank’, I want you to spank your ass hard, but don’t stop stroking...I want it to sting…so hit yourself hard. And every time you spank it, I want you to stroke it faster. Good boy…do not disappoint me…make sure you are still slowly and gently stroking your cock...
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Kissy Kinky Fetish @KissyKinkyFetish
Kissy Kinky Fetish
Erotic Audio | Kink For Your Ears ASMR | Explicit Sound | JOI | Scripted | Custom Candy to your ears; my lips stimulating your wildest kinks, deepest desires, and naughtiest fantasies. ​ ​You pay for what you get… Look, I get it; you work hard, you come home, and you want to escape a little bit and be taken away by fantasies. Erotic fantasies have a way of demanding attention; efforts to suppress or ignore our secret desires often fail. Escape to satisfy deserve it. I am excited to be a part of your play time! ​ xoxo - Mistress Kissy Candy For Your Ears Safe | Secret | Sexual Satisfaction ​ Audio Categories: Aftercare, ASMR, Bitchy, BDSM, Chastity, Cuckold, Cum Eating, Edging, XXX Erotica, Foot-Domination, Humiliation, JOI, Masturbation, Mistress, PayPigs, Role-Play, Ruined Orgasm, Self-Care, Sensual, Sex-Positive, Spanking, SPH, Tease-Denial, Worship, and much more naughtiness, PLUS - Custom Commissions Available