Nubraw @Nubraw

Nubraw @Nubraw
Hello.. I'm a Tumbr refugee that found a home here..... I'm an early 45's Married Straight Male currently residing in Somewhere Dubai I am not looking to hook or up meet up. I absolutely love my wife. I just have an insatiable appetite for sexuality. This is just a bit of an outlet for me. A place that I can be completely open. Anonymously....The stuff that I post. It's stuff that I do.. Or stuff I say.... Some are my wants and desires. It's the small nuances of intimacy that are so sexy to me. I find that here. She benefits from my wants and desires with my actions. While here I open the window into my mind.... I am a romantic at heart... But I do love some dirty sex. With a true connection, nothing seems dirty to me... What I am...