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Burdubai @burdubai
Hello.. I'm a Tumbr refugee that found a home here..... I'm an early 45's Married Straight Male currently residing in Somewhere Dubai I am not looking to hook or up meet up. I absolutely love my wife. I just have an insatiable appetite for sexuality. This is just a bit of an outlet for me. A place that I can be completely open. Anonymously....The stuff that I post. It's stuff that I do.. Or stuff I say.... Some are my wants and desires. It's the small nuances of intimacy that are so sexy to me. I find that here. She benefits from my wants and desires with my actions. While here I open the window into my mind.... I am a romantic at heart... But I do love some dirty sex. With a true connection, nothing seems dirty to me... What I am...

Family Love
Family Love
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A fantasy group for love that you can find in your own home! Feel free to post your (legal) images, captions, and stories. Please keep posts thematically related (captions, hashtags, etc.) Random pictures not associated will be deleted. Empty accounts will not be approved!