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Faith Eros @faitheros
Faith Eros
I'm Lady Gaga of an Adult Industry ✨ I have PLENTY of wigs to ROCK different styles and I want YOU to buy me MORE ?? As somebody has told me before I have a FASHION MODEL face and an ASS of a PORN*STAR? I have to ADMIT I'm addicted to MONEY and I'm not ASHAMED to DEMAND MONEY from MEN??? I will easily DUMP you for another man if he has MORE money than YOU do? ?I don't do any business with LOSERS and STINGY men, who even don't tip? ?I'm HIGH CLASS DIVA and EXPENSIVE one? ?To tell you honestly, I have a FETISH to mock up and humiliate LOSER - MEN? ?I would LAUGH at a MAN, who would offer me 40$ for a CUSTOM VIDEO? *My CUSTOM video prices START at 250$ ? Sincerely yours, Faith Eros - Goddess of Love?

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All MONEY SLAVES that exist on this planet HAVE TO WORSHIP to SUPERIOR SEDUCTRESS POWER of GODDESS FAITH EROS. Your PURPOSE in LIFE is to SUPPORT her LAVISH LIFESTYLE and UPKEEP her! All your hardly or easily EARNED MONEY go to her POCKET. That's why she is a WOMAN :) She OWNS your DICK and CONTROLS your MONEY! You are NOTHING more to her than just a WALLET. She NEEDS you only when she HAS TO PAY for something. You NEED her all the time to PLAY this MONEY GAME! Is it ADDICTION or you just want to play a GAME? Once you JOIN THE GROUP there would be no escape - ONLY TO PAY, Pay and again pay ... every day! *** SPONDOR me at