You finally had your chance. The cool girls had invited you to their house party this weekend, but you had to bring booze. Normally this wouldn't be a problem, you weren't 21 yet so you'd just have your brother buy it. Problem was he was out of town with some friends for the next week and so you asked around to see if anyone had a hookup.

You heard of this guy named Jones that was willing to make a deal. A few of the girls said that he would deliver the goods, but they got a little red in the face and changed the subject when you asked for specifics. They just said that if you had cash, everything would be fine. If you didn't have cash, well, you'd still get your booze, but the price would be higher. They gave you a phone number to text and told you to ask for the 'student discount.'

You agonized over it and finally, late at night, you texted the number. You got a response a few minutes later. It gave an address a few blocks away from your high school and said that there would be a blue car with tinted windows parked on the street at that address. Get in the backseat, have your order written down on a piece of paper. Cost to be discussed at that time.

You felt butterflies in your stomach. You felt the thrill of adrenaline. You were doing something incredibly risky and crazy, but it was your ticket to the in-crowd and you couldn't let it pass by. Your senior year of high school was going to be special and awesome and this was the key.

You went to that address the next day after school and there was the blue car. Your heart started racing. You walked up and after a brief hesitation opened the door and got in the backseat. The driver was non-descript and from what you could see in the rearview mirror, looked a bit bored. Like an Uber driver or something. Would this really be this easy? Uber Booze?

He looked back at you, making eye contact through the mirror. "Have your list?" he asked.

You nodded and handed it to him between the seats. He took it and gave it a quick look, nodding. He started the car and pulled out into the street. He drove for several miles, not making any conversation, the radio on a top 40 channel, playing at low volume. Eventually he pulled into an almost-deserted parking lot and you could see the liquor store. It was an iffy part of town, but no one else was around. He rifled around in the center console, grabbing something, got out of the car, and hopped into the backseat.

"Now, about my payment, honey. Do you have the cash to cover this much booze? This is probably going to be about $200 for your list." He set a condom down on the seat between you.

You nodded. Your parents gave you a credit card instead of a cash allowance, which you handed over to him.

Seeing the credit card he began shaking his head. "Sorry, cash only. I can't sign on a girl's credit card. Do you have cash on hand?" You shook your head.

"Well, can't be helped." He started unzipping his pants and you felt the first few moments of panic as his cock popped out. This was what all the other girls had gotten embarrassed about.

"Normally, girls have the cash, they do me a little favor and take a ride with this condom and Mr. Meat right here, they get their booze and everyone is happy." He started stroking his cock as he explained this. "Not having cash isn't a problem, so long as you're willing to do a little extra..." He took the condom and tossed it out of reach in the front seat. "Spread those pretty legs all the same and you'll get all the liquor on your list, you'll just get a little something extra, that's all. If you want out, say the word, if you want your alcohol, just lay back and let Mr. Jones get to work."

You weighed your options, sighed, and spread your legs, showing your pretty pink panties to Mr. Jones. He smiled at your acquiescence and shifted over to get into position. He pulled your underwear to one side, bunching it up on one side of your crotch, exposing the hole you'd shaved fresh for this weekend, maybe for some hot guy that would notice you now that you were cool, not for some older guy just to get booze. He lined up his pole, shiny and slimy, and pushed it into you. The precum helped lube it up as he steadily pushed in all the way. It was a bit uncomfortable for you as he bottomed out.

He stayed bottomed out for a few seconds and then he slid back out and began fucking you for real. The other boys you fooled around with would usually squeeze your tits or awkwardly try to kiss you or otherwise paw at you before they fumbled on the condom for the awkward fuck. Jones had eyes for nothing else besides the sweet spot between your legs. Like a fleshy engine, he piston-ed in and out of your hole. The car, rocking back and forth, began to smell like sweat and musky crotch.

You felt like a slut, there in the back seat of some guy's car, impaled on some guy's cock, your legs up in the air, spread wide apart, and that thought pushed you over the edge. His cock had been giving you tingles already, but you felt his cock starting to swell and twitch and you knew what that meant, he was going to cum in you, he was going to squirt his sperm into your pussy and you were a slut for wanting it and loving it. The electricity hit you as you started to moan and sigh, you heard the fart noise of his cum filling you and pushing the air out, but you didn't care as you were out of your head with pleasure.

When you finally came down, you were by yourself in the backseat, sweaty, mussed, and spread open for anyone who peeked in the window to see. You pulled your underwear back to cover your pussy, but the unmistakable earthy smell of sperm filled the car, and your crotch and thighs were a sticky mess of his cum and your juices. A few minutes later, he came back with several boxes of booze, drove you back to school and that was the last you saw of him.

The party was a smashing success, cementing your status as an up-and-comer with the cool girls. You'd even bagged the cute guy you'd had your eye on from chemistry class. You made sure you had condoms in your purse. It wasn't as good with a rubber, but it was good enough and he didn't complain. All in all, you felt it was a good experience and worth the risk.

Then, a few weeks later, you missed your period...

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