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A group for all aspect of the pregnancy process, from conception to birth and most of all sex. Feel Free to post your photos and stories about your pregnancy or your wife of girlfriends

  • November 2019
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Birth is a sexual act, and often having sex in labor helps facilitate the process. When a woman is sexually stimulated, oxytocin flows through her system causing her uterus to contract, either in the form of orgasms or labor contractions. In fact, some women are actually able to experience labor contractions as pleasurable. When a woman is at home with only her husband, she can allow herself to be fully sexual. Her lack of inhibitions enables the oxytocin to flow freely. The hospital, on the other hand, is not conducive to sexual activity. The flow of oxytocin is inhibited and often it must be given synthetically in the form of Pitocin.
Sex in Labor
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