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  • January 2020
with love and awesomeness
  • I’m new here and have already gotten tips from married men & loser cucks. My advice is to be your true self. For me, I’m a mean bully Homewrecker. So any married/taken men or loser cucks you may DM me and give me the attention your dumb wife wishes she had
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  • You can still join my game and become part of my dick-pic collection! ( The game will start on march 1st )
    Let's play a little game!
    Write me a note if you want to receive a spontanious, random Dick-check up request!
    I love collecting penis fotos in all shapes and states from soft to hard. Therefore the requests I send will come at a random time I choose!
    If you want to part of this collection, write me. (I won't share your picture with anyone, unless you want me to.)
    1. I decide the time and day of the request. You will be sent a message before, that a request will be incoming this week. I will of course not tell you when exactly.
    2. Since my timezone is european and you might be from a different location, you can set a specific time of the day when you are usually online.
    3. I give you a deadline of 3 hours to answer my photo request.
    4. If you fail the request you have to tip me (at least 0.50) or you will be given a cool down period for the next 4 weeks to receive another request.
    5. Optional we can set a personalized 'prize' (e.g. a personalized photo with your username I will post on my wall and tagging you in it) for your success in sending me your photo in time.
    6. Also optional I will put you on a public pinned list of people who managed or failed my challenge plus date.
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