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  • October 2019
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  • 20 Year Old Becca Fucked by her Boyfriend in front of club members Story. #Public #Fucking #MC #Bikerparty

    I was 20 and had been dating a guy, we’ll call him Nick, for a few months. He’s 6’2″, lean but muscular and has a shaved head. Beautiful blue eyes and a well kept goatee. He was 24 and had just been accepted and patched into a bike club that was rough but not as bad as most. Nick and I met when I was a waitress at a bar they all used to go to and he pursued me even though another guy from the club was as well. We’ll call him Dean.

    Nick and I went out a few times and he was, despite his outward appearance of a Harley guy with a shaved head, leather and tons of tattoos, a nice guy. After a few months I slept with him. I wasn’t a prude but I wasn’t casual about sex either.

    Dean never stopped flirting and eventually it became a competition thing between the guys. Nick would flaunt the fact that I was with him; he’d touch me inappropriately in front of Dean just to assert his Alpha and show off. It didn’t bother me but it wasn’t something I particularly liked either. It was kind of amusing because I wasn’t nearly as pretty as some of the girls Dean would bring around.

    At a party one night, (there were many parties with this group) Nick and I were on a couch in the middle of a living room. I was sitting on his lap and we were making out. His hands were everywhere but again, that whole Devil-don’t-care attitude was normal with this group. Dean shows up with a woman and sits next to us and starts talking about nonsense. He lifts the girls shirt up and says, “Check out these tits.” At which point I looked at Nick, turned my body and lifted my own shirt and said, “Check these out.” I’ve got DD’s and at 20 they were pretty damn spectacular and Dean, without thinking, reached his hand out and grabbed one.

    Nick looked at me and then pushed Dean off before turning me around on his lap so that I was facing the room which had about 20 people in it. I was topless but I leaned back and for close to 10min he just played with my breasts and let everyone watch. As he pulled and flicked my nipples he was whispering dirty things in my ear and grinding his hard-on into my butt. I was dying to fuck by then and told him so. He asked me if I wanted to find a room and I said no, just fuck me please. He hesitated, said he wasn’t sure if I’d regret it when I sobered up and then Dean said, “I’ll fuck you in front of everyone.” Which was all Nick needed to hear. I was naked and sitting on his cock facing him in less than a minute. His pants were around his knees until some girl pulled them down as I was riding him. Not to be out done, the chick Dean brought started to suck him off next to us and the same random girl pulled his jeans off.

    Over and over he reached out to touch me but Nick kept shoving him away until finally Nick stood up, bent me over so that my hands were on the back of the couch and started fucking me from behind. Dean raised an eye brow, looked at Nick, smiled and then moved under me and started sucking my nipples as Nick fucked me and I can’t even tell you how good that felt. The chick blowing him kept doing it and every minute or so he’d he’d stop, pull my face down and tell me how good she gave head and how perfect my tits felt in his mouth.

    A few minutes later I hear Nick groan, “Oh fuck she’s sucking my balls.” I looked back and the chick that had pulled their jeans off was, in fact, underneath him and sucking his balls while he fucked me. I watched for a few seconds and saw her tongue lick up his seam as they were bouncing around and for some reason that made me cum so hard I thought it would kill me. Nick sped up, gripped my hips super tight and pulled out just in time to cum on my ass while she continued to suck his balls. He shot all the way up to my shoulders and not once did she stop tonguing his balls.

    THEN she moved to Dean and sucked his balls while the girl blew him and I went to stand up but he grabbed my tits and begged to suck on them until he came. I let him even though I was super sensitive and within a minute he came all over both of their faces. Everyone applauded, I got extremely embarrassed and we left the party shortly thereafter.
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