• Megan Rain pov anal #MeganRain #anal #pov
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  • In OUR household, when we were growing up, the Maid was considered one of the FAMILY....so much so, that whenever Daddy used her to unload his BallSack into, he would send one of his daughters over afterwards to clean up the mess he had made to make sure none of it dribbled out and stained her expensive uniform !!!!
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  • Just because she's sooo INNOCENT looking...and I don't remember EVER being that innocent !!!
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  • GROOL Time everyone !!!!
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  • I've ALWAYS been captivated by this GIF...it AMAZES me how it looks like her lips on the left hand side are alive and coming up to swallow his cock !!!!
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  • How is everyone feeling this Monday? 馃挆 #blonde #bigtits #sexy
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  • Every time your son takes you, you`re amazed at his long range marksmanship. #bullseye
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  • Taken while only eleven years old from her home in Nigeria, she and hundreds of other young girls have been moved all around the illegal diamond mines and gold camps in Sierra Leone, The Congo, the Ivory Coast and Liberia and forced to work from sun-up till way after sunset. They are kept naked in cages in a central hut until it is time for work, and then they are put in separate huts. where the miners and boy soldiers queue up in an almost never ending line, to use her holes to unload their swollen balls into....So many men have pounded her vagina that it has gotten leathery and remains constantly swollen...some days she prays for the men to use her ass or mouth instead...She's not sure but she thinks she might be sixteen now, or at least fifteen...there seems to have been so many camps since she was taken, every two or three months the cages loaded into big trucks and moved so they are never found or caught...And now, she's learned to take simple pleasures where she can find them...the smell and taste of her own Vagina when there's a lul in the flow of men...her eyes closed, the smell, that salty musky taste, bringing her back to a gentle caress, a search by another girl in her cage for comfort. It is forbidden for the girls while locked in their cages to seek pleasures in each others bodies...girls do not deserve pleasure in this culture, their only purpose is to serve the men and the penalties are swift and brutal...torture, mutilation, castration.....but they have to huddle together for warmth, so they cuddle and hug each other as they sleep. And sometimes, when everyone seems to be asleep, a hand will gently wander between another girls thighs, sometimes it's just for the warmth that's promised there, and once there it rests gently, but other times once there it lightly begins to massage, tenderly begins to probe and explore....sometimes late at night these forgotten girls find solace in each other's bodies...not because they need more sex, but for the tenderness it provides, for that little piece of humanity those forbidden caresses remind them of. Every one of them has done it at one time or another...it bonds them together far greater then the horrors they share....So when she has a few moments alone she allows her mind to wander, she allows the scent and taste of her own pussy to remind her of the pussies of those girls she's caged with that she's tasted and shared pleasure with, and for just a very few moments she's free....And she enjoys this fleeting illusion of freedom, because she knows her life could be soo very much worse. That if she were to anger her overseers they could ALWAYS sell her to the Muslims. She's overheard the miners talking about those girls that have been sold to the Muslims...made pregnant every nine months by a deserving Muslim man, their babies snatched away at birth, if it's a boy to be taught the way of Jihad, a girl to be raised until she too can be bred for jihadists. She's heard of the girls who have had as many as fourteen babies in as many years until their bodies no longer will cooperate, barren by twenty five they are forced back into the mine camps to use the only holes they have left....So for now, she takes her simple pleasures where she can find them, and survives for one more day...
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  • Sexy young and curvy.
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  • It's your birthday!!
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  • Because I just get SQUISHY over watching girls MASTURBATING or riding their DILDOS in their cars or outside !!!!
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