At the cost of cutting the ties from nature,universe and self-awareness people moved in to big cities to live their lives in a false-sense of safety and repetition of menial tasks in exchange of puny props that provided comfort and luxury. Jinn didn't understand any of these changes because she had no physical form, meaning that she would not understand the feeling of going to sleep in fear of predators, going days without food and the stress it caused. She expected humans to listen to her, as she was offering them eternal salvation and peace of mind that was worth more than any shiny pot of gold, since any treause is worthless when the mind is full of thunderstorms. But as people became more and more attached to their physical forms, Jinn lost contact speaking to their souls. As people started to listen to Jinn with their ego's and not their souls, everything she told started to sound as gibberish. Eventually she became a joke to everyone, as people believed not her but their kings to be the messenger of the god, because he provided them with food, shelter and occasional gifts as sign of their prayers and loyalty to the throne.