Jinny was a spirit that was sent by the gods to aid humanity throughout it's evolution. As a magical being her job was to keep the humans on the good side; teaching about ethics, values, humility and love. She would also keep them company through rough times of natural disasters and famine, trying to calm people through prayers and meditation. As an ethereal being she didn't actually have a physical form, simply a flickering light show, making words her only power. The source of her energy was her lamp, indicating that she was the bringer of light to humanity's quest in this chaotic material universe. People listened to her not because she was a magical being, or any "powers" she was keeping as a secret; they listened because she was making actual sense. But things were beginning to change slowly as humanity started to erect cities and forming civilizations rather than living in small & sincere tribes. The main reason was that small tribes couldn't handle droughts and other natural disasters like big civilizations could.