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I'm one of the submissive cuckold guys from the Czech Republic. I would like to share myself publically with all of you. I'm not only online, but you can meet me also in real in Prague. I'm property of #myQueen. She enjoys watching me with other men. And if you would like to help her with dominating me, you can send me your requests about what should I do/share. I must obey to almost any wish. So do not hesitate to write what you would like to watch. I wish to have long term limited orgasms (months), forbidden pussy (maximum licking and pissing, possibly creampie - for a reward, and definitely no fucking), and be trained to be the perfect slut for men. Deepthroat sucking with swallowing, anal whore, rimming, glory hole staff... Fuck toy, cum hole, free for all. With a big butt plug and chastity cage when the whore is not used. I'm online almost daily.

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