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Hi! I'm Nika, a newbie to this site but not to the life. I've enjoyed and embraced my kinks for a very long time and I enjoy sharing them. I'm an Age Player (DDLG), love cuddles and kisses, candy, toys, gifts and surprises. Bi, Poly, She/Her, Gamer, roller skating Conjurer (Witch) I have personal pics and videos; alone or with my content partner who likes to help me out and has consented. Live chats for followers only!! (Ask when I go Live!) Also Private Chats!! Personal pics and vids too. *For safety reasons I do not give out any links, locations, gamer tags or the like* *Not every message is answered unless you state what you need* *Do not address me as if you own me, I go from cute and sweet to a demon in 1 sec*. I'm also here for new connections, expanding my following and sharing my kinky side. Nothing wrong with making a little slice for myself either. The more love = more content! ( I love positive comments) *All gifts are welcomed and will be reciprocated with my personal content* Enjoy!!!!

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Backdrop, Lingerie and Love

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Being on here and getting all the love has just been amazing! Now I just want to up my game for you all! Im really ready to start going live; a little tapestry, backdrop and fairy lights (so you don't have to look at my nerd background 😉) and some cute lingerie. I've got a new camera already, a stand and some toys coming in! Thank you all in advance :) Thanks for all the love ❤ 😍 💖
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