Hi, I'm Girlie. I'm a 28yr old Lesbian Submissive girl, and everyone's favorite Gynephilic Goddess from Boston, currently in my 4th year of medical school studying to become a Psychiatrist. I'm also a Tumblr refugee, seeking new venues to explore my craving for sexual images of other females. Here on AdultNode. I'll try to bombard you with sexually stimulating images coupled with compelling comments that hopefully get your juices flowing.
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  • I actually have a niece (she's ALMOST 5 going on 30 and most of the time she acts older then me) who I call CommandoGirl cause she HATES wearing undies...when ever she gets dressed to go out without her mother or I checking on her she ALWAYS goes Commando...and whenever she's wearing a dress and I ask if she's decent under there she almost always does THIS to me with a big smile and a "NOPE"...when I tell her to go put some undies on she always says NO..I LIKE THE WAY IT FEELS....I've decided she's a budding pervert and maybe my older sister should NEVER have let her hang around me...
    #CommandoGirlsUnite #PantylessAndProud
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  • I don't know if any of you people noticed this or not, but it seems like he's pumping so much of his seed into this PETITE little ass that her stomach is SWELLING from the gallons of BabyBatter being pumped into it even as we watch !!!
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  • ALL my older sisters were made to be able to say THIS before they were thirteen years old by our father....and trust me, evidently from what my older sister Carin tells me, he made them practice it almost EVERY DAY !!!
    Girlie#FatherKnowsBest #UsedAndAbusedLittleGirls
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  • The International Conference of Woman came up with it's ground breaking ideas about the most threatening problem facing the world today, which they believed was Racism. They felt that if something was not done to bring the world closer to a balanced state that we could possibly face a Global Race War sometime in the next twenty years. After debating possible REMEDIES for this situation, the Conference came up with a solution they thought could be the only cure for the situation, and that was that women needed to ensure that there was only one race....if all peoples populating our world came from mixed stock, there would no longer be the issue of who was better or purer or right or wrong. As a result a drastic solution was put into play that will begin now and last for the next TWENTY FIVE YEARS. With over 100 million white women already committing to participating in the solution, half of whom already pregnant with mixed race children and more signing up every day, another 400 million Asian women already working towards this solution, and almost every woman on the continent of Africa already impregnated, it looks like the Conference will easily reach it's intended goals of populating the world with only ONE RACE...a MIXED RACE
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  • I've ALWAYS been captivated by this GIF...it AMAZES me how it looks like her lips on the left hand side are alive and coming up to swallow his cock !!!!
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  • #BecauseGirlsDeserveIt #UsedAndAbusedLittleGirls #BecauseGirlsHolesWereMadeToBeUsedByBoys
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  • Because it's up to a young girl's older brothers to teach her what guy's are going to want from her the most....especially ANAL....whether she likes it or not !!!!
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  • I told you once before about how when my family went through a bit of a rough patch before I was born, my mom and dad had to have my older sisters doing "ODD" jobs to try to help out with the expenses...well what I didn't know was that my dad had put 'NannyCams' in all my sister's rooms so he could make sure they were working hard and also just in case he needed a little "LEVERAGE" a bit later on down the road....I think my oldest sis Cammy is about 13 or 14 in this NannyCam clip I found saved in the basement today....Looks pretty PROFESSIONAL even at THAT age doesn't she ???
    #FatherKnowsBest #UsedAndAbusedLittleGirls #CauseMySistersCanSuckSomeCock
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  • It's OBVIOUS to me that a LOT of you girls out there still haven't been listening to your good friend Girlie (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE)....so as a result, I've decided I'm just going to start going around drawing the image in the first picture here on ALL of your faces so that ANYTIME you look in the mirror, you'll SEE what the BOYS SEE every time they're looking at you !!!!!
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  • Okay, I know everyone out there who hasn't known me for awhile, do not know which of my stories is based on fact and which fiction....So I decided to be up front with you this time. THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENED !!! I'm a Submissive as I've said before, and I do have a Mistress, only right now because of Grad School I'm taking a sabbatical from that lifestyle...BUT, while still in college, I spent most weekends at her house, and a big part of the summer. Mistress is a well to do corporate lawyer, who loves to give dinner parties AND is big into the BDSM lifestyle. As a result she was always doing things that really brought me out of my comfort zone...for instance, one Saturday morning I was told she was having a dinner party that evening and she wanted to 'Show Me Off' to her friends...that I was to show up to her house 40 minutes early. I got there, and when I did there were two other stunning girls there. I had NO IDEA what was going on, but it seemed like the other girls did (I found out later Mistress used them a lot for her parties) Mistress brought us downstairs to her big family room, which had all the furniture pushed to the edges of the room, a bed set up off one wall and what looked like a set of stocks only modern centered in the room. Mistress had me get undressed, and go to the stocks..it looked like a steel collar with a bar off either side attached down to a base, and at the other end were leg restraints that forced my thighs open. When I was fully in it I was basically bent over like this, with my thighs spread wide my ass WAY out there, my head a bit lower then my ass and my hands almost painfully to the sides...When the party finally started about ten couples elegantly dressed were led downstairs before dinner...they were told the other two girls would do anything and EVERYTHING in that room or on the bed, but that I was hers, that the men could touch me any way they wanted, but no real sex, and they could NOT put their penises in my body, BUT the woman could force me to do anything...lick them, they could use strap-ons on me, eat my pussy, ANYTHING they wanted while everyone watched...Then she made it a point to tell everyone that I was only 22 years old, that I was pure Lesbian, and had NEVER been with a man...that sort of drove the men crazy...They rubbed my pussy, pulled my tits, actually took their penises out and rubbed them in my face...one guy even came in my hair (I was PISSED, IT WAS EVERY WHERE and dripping down my forehead and it's one of the reasons I have such an issue with men's cum today) One guy stood there rubbing my pussy till I finally came in his hand. Then the Ladies took over...the very first one got down on the floor in her pretty dress and ate me out (I was told later she played with herself the whole time for everyone to watch) Another lady pulled up a chair, pulled up her skirt, grabbed me by my cum soaked hair and pulled my face into her crotch and said "This is ALL you're getting to eat tonight baby, so dig in"...This went on for over two hours until dinner was served...the only problem was, everyone else, including the two other naked girls went upstairs to eat...I was still kept locked in that device. During dinner, one of the drunken guy's came downstairs and masturbated on me...I found out later that he had asked permission from my Mistress and she said as long as he didn't penetrate me...After dinner, everyone came back downstairs and watched while the other two girls masturbated me, made me eat them, and then finally got a strap-on and fucked me POSITIVELY BRAINLESS by bringing me to the brink and stopping for over an hour. THIS was my actual first experience with being bound and used in front of other people....and the truth of it also is that I've gone back EVERY single time Mistress has told me to, for more of the same....
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