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Hi my name is Cathy_B, and see myself as the perfect bimbo. I love my beauty lifestyle and like being in the spotlight and enchanting the world with my being. I do that with my appearance, my style and with that certain something. My character is easy to describe, cheeky, sweet, very playful. My style of dress and appearance is mostly pink tight-fitting with a deep neckline, sexy long nails and mostly always sexy high heels. As it should be for the perfect bimbo. I was born on August 1st, 1992 in Germany. I am 1,62 cm tall and weigh 54 kilos. My breasts are made and are proud 75 G with 1050 cc silicone cups. My hobbies are: besides styling myself perfectly, pole dancing, shopping, a beauty lifestyle, good food, manicure, pedicure, posing in front of the webcam, taking photos or sexy videos. I just love being a cheeky sexy barbie. My motto is: DO NOT CARE WHAT ELSE THINK OR SAY, LIVE THE DREAM OF A BIMBODOLL!!! Translated: live the life of a bimbo and ignore what the others say. Most of the time I get the question why do you think you are the perfect bimbo? The answer is very simple: I want to be the perfect woman with that certain something and I present myself to the world as I am and I am proud of it. My biggest bimbo role model is Alica Mira she is a very big inspiration for me and think for all women in the world who go through a bimbofacation. Because she has remained true to herself and has not lost sight of the "be bimbo" goal. I am looking for fans to support me in my Bimbo Barbie look. Have a look at my pages listed below, I look forward to your lovely contribution. Kisses, your Cathy_B

Ulm,Germany Female
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