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Hi there, Im an Artist. Id love it if you followed me. I make Art posts out of photos I have bought, the model release 2257, Identification and Licence. I'm hoping to make an impact on AdultNode and get famous!

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  • I've been to take down my website links. Going forward, I don't see a relationship with Adultnode to be worth my time, if NewTumbl is fine with it and is drawing the same amount of traffic that AN is drawing in, im going to have to pay more attention to the services that will promote me. Im going to try to make this work. I really like adultnode. I'm on here now most days.
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  • I got a real thrill for you coming up, hopefully today. Im reposting two of the hottest amateur videos with big tits. I'll give you a hint....upcoming is a red head german girl, who likes to be a slave. Can you guess what video im going to be promoting?
    Can you find it before me?
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  • Yo thanks for the likes, it really helps me out get through these ranks to number one. i really care about the content I put out on my site. taking recommendations for sites to promote.
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  • ffs i hate facebook, wish people would just be cool with a little adult content. i didn't even use revealing pics. Zuckerberg is a retard and I hope he ends up penniless.
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  • nothings going to stop me from going to rank 1 on this site. Im the best. My photo art is the best it can be. I'm a pro, and I don't put out cheap tricks. Come to me with the dollar and ill get you the best links.
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    Excuse Me, I have more work to show. Big Boob Variety Pack.
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