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Rebel, wild and free thinker. True bikini addict of the North, I proudly represent the small french canadian microbikini lovers community!  I live in Québec. ⚜Je parle donc Français, but I can speak English too. I'm a microbikini fetishist and I love wearing Pleasers shoes or Doc Marten's. I love showing my body and yeah, I have a lot of tattoos.  With no beaches in sight and 4 months of crazy cold, I do envy a lot of girls living by the ocean with endless white beaches, but I think I can rock a bikini too! even in the snow! I'm a true rebel at heart, I have never changed for anyone. Wild, fierce and untamed.. I am a free thinker, 420 friendly, lgbt+ supporter, animal rights activist, vegan and a devoted dog mom of 6 rescue dogs. I yell, I fight but I'm romantic and...shy!!! I find inner balance and peace in music. I'm a Pink Floyd die hard fan.

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